Last picture of Ipoh

This is the last picture of Ipoh, taken as she relaxed in April.

You can see how her ear appeared after a year.

The ear infection and subsequent visits to the doctor really affected her. She didn't hunt as much, went outside a lot less and really made an effort not to have her picture taken. She would close her eyes or hide her face when the camera came out. Also, she didn't play on the internet or update her webpages.

Other changes after the surgery included sleeping more, enjoying being stroked and combed more and generally being more affectionate. 

She was a very happy and spoiled kitty.

Ipoh disappeared the morning of July 4th. She left in the middle of the night to do her nocturnal activities and didn't return. This was very unusual because she really enjoyed waking the Big guy in the early hours then sleeping through the rest of the morning.  Signs were posted in the neighborhood and she has an ID chip but there has been no news.

The Big guy is terribly upset: He visits the animal shelter almost daily.

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My ear looks bad right now

The drain tube from the hematoma has been removed but there are still four stitches deforming the shape of my ear. Hopefully it will look better when the stitches are removed and the fur grows back.

I'm not very happy about the situation.


Free at last

After another horrible trip to the vet I finally have my freedom.

It took four of them to hold me down as the doctor cut the sutures holding the tube in my ear. Then he unceremoniously just pulled it out leaving a trail of disgusting ooze on my face.

But then the big guy whisked me out to the car and a short trip home. At first I thought it was a trick when he opened the car door to the yard instead of pulling into the garage. But I made a break for it into the cool grass and freedom.

It was cool and sunny as I bathed in the sunshine.

My ear still hurts and looks really gross but I am much happier.

It is a Hematoma

I got an ear infection last weekend. It was so bad I blew an ear drum and then an ear hematoma which sent the big guy over the top. On Monday he dragged me to the vet which wasn't too awful. The doc stuck sticks in my ears, gouged around, rinsed with crap and added drops that burned. I thought the worst was behind me.

But Wednesday I was back at the vet for the horror of surgery. I don't remember much but when I woke up dizzy that night, my ear was killing me with a tube sticking out and several ugly stitches. And the bucket around my neck had to go.

I feigned walking into the walls and bumping into chairs and after falling down a few times the big guy caved and removed the bucket.

Crying hasn't got me outside yet, but by sitting at the front door for hours I can see the big guy is ready to buckle any minute.

Now if this damn tube in my ear would stop itching I could think straight. And I look terrible with half my head shaved.
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Every time the big guy pets me I get an electric shock.

He thinks it's so funny but I don't.
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Today totally SUCKED

First I get chased home by a stray dog, then the big guy disappears for the whole day and to top it off I get into a fight on my own porch with another cat.

Sux, Sux, Sux

I'm going to bed.

Summer Update

All is well in Casa De Ipoh. Below you'll see the updated score sheet. I've been working on a most excellent chart. As you can see I'm on schedule for a record setting season.

I got a little scratched up a few weeks back and the big guy has been annoying in his concern. It was just a scrape but he went ga ga with the ointment and the cleaning - What a loon! Anyway it's almost healed now, just a little scab left on my cheek.

It was hot today so nothing exciting to report.

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The hunting season is open and the present count is THREE. I'm not sure if I'll beat last year's number (36) but I'm already ahead of schedule.

The new porch insert has been installed but I'm having trouble using it. Besides, I like it better when it's opened for me. Why should I have to work?

The weather has been unpredictable - Sometimes hot, sometimes cold and often wet - I wish it would settle down.

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Happy New Year

I thought I'd check in and wish everyone on the web a Happy New Year. All's well here in Casa de Ipoh. The weather has warmed up a little so I've been outside more.

The big guy didn't buy me that porch door insert like he promised, so I didn't bring him any gifts for Christmas either. Not the best way to celebrate the holidays but you have to be equal, you know?

I've been surfing the Cat Macros over on I Can Has Cheezburger and I have to wonder what idiots are doing that stuff. Sure it's funny, but also insulting. We cats are excellent spellers and even if weren't we're smart enough to use spell check. Obviously we can edit and write blogs and edit pictures, right? So why is the spelling so poor? If we could vote, you could bet you Meow Mix there would be a big scandal about insensitivity and harassment.
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The scorecard

The official score card says I have 36 kills for the Year. Last year I had 37.

But last year there wasn't a drought or a heat wave. So I think I'm doing great.

Should I make the extra effort to beat last year? I don't feel the imperative for two more deaths this year. It's the holidays and it's cold.

Of course if some dumb chipmunk or rat crosses the zone of death he's dead.
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